Paper Mag: 50 LGBTQ Musicians You Should Prioritize

“Below, we present a range of 50 powerful musicians changing the industry at large, some with mainstream clout, but all are people innovating within their chosen genres and communities. All artists show tangible proof that visibility (hell, mere existence) in all spaces normalizes narratives and experiences for all LGBTQ people. It's joyful, it's good, and these people are all changing our world.”

Forbes: 100% Sateen: Meet The Brooklyn-Based Music Duo Bringing Femme To The Forefront

“When Queenie and Exquisite met online several years ago, Sateen was just a fabric, drag was still underground and the "hetero drag couple" of New York nightlife was just a daydream. Though the now married duo initially linked up in search of bandmates, they bonded instantly to form a romantic relationship that’s taken them to the forefront of Brooklyn's roster of emerging talent. In the short time, Sateen has undergone a series of transformations; from anonymous indie rockers to burgeoning drag queens, nightlife superstars to “hetero drag couple” and now glamorous lesbian wives - making disco music. While the story of their inception feels like a whirlwind, the latest incarnation of the band is its truest form.”

Paper Mag: Sateen Premieres Luxurious Music Video for 'Finer Things'

“Crystals upon glimmering crystals, roses of the richest red, a palette of nude-hued pinks made of lace and lingerie, boa-trimmed robes, and fluffy carpeting — femme luxury peaks when these forces combine, and particularly when it's the dazzling duo Sateen who's presenting it all. In their new video, "Finer Things," premiering today, the Brooklyn band is radiant with unabashed glamour – and it serves as a reminder that everyone's entitled to the same flagrant love of all things luxe.”

GO Magazine: Captivating Couples: Meet The Couples Who Stole Our Hearts This Year

“Queenie and Ruby are the mega-babe duo that you’ve likely seen performing as their band, Sateen, at a Brooklyn bar or hosting at a chic Manhattan party. They met on OkCupid with the intention to make music together, but they realized what they had was even more profound than an artistic connection, and they fell in love. They were married in 2014 at City Hall, a la Sarah Jessica Parker.”

Status Magazine: Queer, Nu-Disco Duo Sateen’s Message Of Love Makes The World Go Round

“There’s no other musical duo more fab, more chic, and more #lovewins than Queen Sateen and Exquisite. More known in the New York music scene as SATEEN, if this queer couple are not busy fondling gender stereotypes, they make soul-house music that’ll make you channel the diva within. Though they are drag performers, the beauty of Sateen is not solely limited through the craft of drag. Their sound is a self-love, up yours Trump with glitters, no f—ks given situation in danceable nu-disco tracks. Sateen is here to say sashay away to your bad vibes and say shantay you stay to the positive vibes ahead.”

Nasty Gal: Living for Sateen

“And while sexuality isn’t relevant to being appreciated as artists, Sateen have no qualms about being loud and proud about who they are—in fact, it’s at the core of what they’re all about. The duo’s first self-titled EP is full of tracks about “independent, strong-willed queer femmes.” It’s Lady Miss Kier (diva disco house) meets early RuPaul (hella inspirational and upbeat), and if that doesn’t sound heavenly enough, read our interview with Sateen below.”

Hello Giggles: Sateen is the glam pop band that shows two queer women exploring their truth

“The high glam, high femme duo hails from New York, which is where Queen Sateen and Exquisite craft dreamy dance tunes to get you out of your head and onto your feet. The band is now putting out a new EP, which takes their electric energy to a whole new level.”

Galore Mag: Sateen Demands LGBTQ Rights With New EP

“We’re all familiar with Instagram’s fav drag duo and iconic power couple Sateen. The incredibly talented musical duo has garnered quite the following online, but with all of that recognition comes a lot of cumbersome BS — especially as two queer women working in music. In light of their brand new EP, “SATEEN,” which we have for you below, Galore asked Miss Queen Sateen and Exquisite what they had to say to the entire shady, misogynistic music industry. Queer artists are sick of fake allies, appropriating queer culture for trendy profit, and all of the disrespect.”